My databases are all gone, all of a sudden!

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Thread: My databases are all gone, all of a sudden!

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    Default My databases are all gone, all of a sudden!

    This is a disaster!<BR><BR>Our server is running on Windows 2000, IIS 5.<BR><BR>Yesterday morning, Web service was down suddenly and when we checked the Service Manager, it was paused. We quickly switched it back to Play and Web service was up again.<BR><BR>Later, we found that all our ASP applications had problem reading our MS Access databases, with an error message saying "Microsoft Jet Databases Engine (0x80004005) Unrecognised data format"<BR><BR>I went in to check my databases (.mdb files). To my surprise, all the mdb files now contain 0 byte and all their dates were stamped at 7/26/04 10:41 AM. <BR><BR>This is really a disaster. I wonder how this could have happened. Was it a virus attack or something else? Does anyone have the same experience here?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default It's hard to say...

    ...what it was from where I&#039;m standing. It may have been a virus attack or a hacker or something else. I think it&#039;s more likely though that it&#039;s Access itself that caused the problem - or rather the database engine. Access databases aren&#039;t particularly robust for high volume, high frequency usage. You&#039;re better off using SQL Server in those sort of situations. It doesn&#039;t happen very often, but it&#039;s not unheard of that Access databases get corrupt in everyday usage. It surprises me a bit that the file would end up as zero bytes, but it&#039;s possible.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default RE: It's hard to say...

    And the moral of the story is: keep regular backups, always

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