Hello, I used session variables to personalize before, with very little problem. Used them to carry values page to page...fine.<BR><BR>But, with a sign up form/login script I use, it does not save the value. And all the querystring demos I have seen always fail for me.<BR><BR>So, here&#039s the deal.<BR><BR>The new user signs up by putting name/email/username/password/confirm.<BR><BR>ALl works fine EXCEPT me saying &#039welcome, NAME&#039<BR><BR>You see, the sign up form posts to itself, and if accepted, goes to welcome.asp, for example (That page welcomes new users, but links to real log in page)<BR><BR>Anyway, since it&#039s a redirect, it doesn&#039t save the &#039name&#039 property. How do I save it? I even used include files to no avail.<BR><BR>What can I do? Unless its&#039 cookies, but what else?<BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>Joel