First off the Title is probably the worst one I could of thought of. But. Here is my thought. A user is on my page and browsing lets say the "Computers" page and they want information on some computer stuff. So I have a form with certain checkboxes or radio boxes, fieldbox, or field area, etc. for them to fill out and then after that it will take them to a page for contact info, name, address, etc. Then when they submit that it will go through the database and email all the people that are associated with Computers the information filled out on both pages. The first part of the email will have the information they are interested in, and they second part will have their contact info. Now what I had in mind, since there is more than one category they can be searching, ex: Computers, Windows, Air Conditioning, etc. What I was thinking was when they go to the, like I said, Computers page it will automatically connect to the database and select all the people who have computers as a field in the database. So the page already knows to narrow it down to everyone who falls under Computers. Then after they fill out the form with the info they want to know about they will go to the next page and fill out their contact info. First question is.. How do I have it so the second page retains the information filled out on the first page, but it doesnt display it or anything, just remembers it, then after the second form is filled out it will go and take what was on the first form AND what was on the second form and then, here is the tricky part, based on what State and County they select(in the second form) it will email the two forms information that was filled out to the email addresses that match that state, county, and then computers(or air conditioning, windows, or whatever category page was selected). Like I said I figure when they select whatever category they want I will have it connect to the db and that category in the db. So its already narrowed down to the category. Then on the second form I will have the state and county in a dynamic dropdown I guess so the states are populated from the db and then once state is selected the county is populated(I already have this part). So basically how do I get it to remember the form information from the first page and the form information on the second page? I will figure out how to setup the email stuff later. Right now even if I could get it to just display the form1 info and form2 info as well as all the contractors that correspond that would be fine for now. I dont need it to mail that info yet. Ex: they go to computers, fill out the form1 then fill out form2 on the next page then when they click submit it will take them to a page that will display... info from form 1, form 2, and then all the db queries that matched. So if they selected Cali, Los Angeles County, it would also display the fields(obvioulsy whichever I select) from the db where it matches, computers, cali, los angeles. I know this is long and once I start to think about it for a minute I will probably be able to start, but Im just wondering if anyone has an ideas on how to do this the easiest.. Again, sorry so **** long.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help..