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    Hi<BR>I have a listbox with items <BR>1)a:br <BR>2)b:hr<BR>3)c:br<BR>4)d:hr <BR>with option values<BR>1)10<BR>2)20<BR>3)30<BR>4)40<BR><BR>I want to check for common br,common hr in the above listbox and move these items to a second listbox which should be displayed as<BR>1)a:br<BR>2)c:br<BR>3)b:hr<BR>4)d:hr with option values<BR>1)10<BR>2)30<BR>3)20<BR>4)40<BR><BR>I was able to split the first listbox to get br, hr but later had to struggle to arrange them in the second listbox.<BR><BR>Let me know any suggestions or if possible script to do this.Would like to achieve this using javascript.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Sorry, but I can't see any...

    ...difference between the two listboxes, so why don&#039;t just duplicate the first listbox into the second? Or I just don&#039;t understand your question.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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