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    I wrote a query to get country and noofstudents like this.<BR><BR><BR>SELECT COUNTRY, COUNT(Studentid) AS numberofStudents<BR>FROM students GROUP BY country<BR><BR>Now i have to write a query which results only country where noofstudents (COUNT(Studentid)) greaterthan 10.<BR><BR>how can i use count() in where clause. <BR><BR>Any help is much appreciated.<BR><BR>

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    Default You can't use the WHERE clause...

    ...for an aggregate function (Count() is an aggregate function). You&#039;ll have to use HAVING instead. Check out for some tutorials. It&#039;ll be something like:<BR><BR>SELECT MyField, Count(MyOtherField) FROM MyTable GROUP BY MyField HAVING Count(MyOtherField) &#062; 10<BR><BR>Oliver.

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