I need to loop through multiple input objects but it could be anywhere from 1 to 100+ so I don&#039;t want to hard code each one. I am able to set up each input box on the asp side but I am not able to update values on the vbscript side. Here is an example of the code that I think should work but doesn&#039;t...<BR>sub cmdUpdatePrice_OnClick<BR> Dim StockNum<BR> Dim iCount<BR> iCount=1<BR> do while iCount &#060; 100<BR> StockNum="StockPrice" & iCount<BR> StockPending.StockNum.value = "$" <BR>&StockPending.txtStockPriceMaster.value<BR> iCount=iCount + 1<BR> Loop<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>In this code sample, StockNum does not update with the variable information. Any suggestions??