Well funded Cambridge MA Internet startup seeks Information Engineer to help maintain information in our backend databases.<BR><BR>Information Engineer<BR>Responsible for support of the existing Mascot Networks through testing and maintenance of SQL Server 7.0 database, including stored procedures, jobs, packages, alerts, schedules, and SQL mail. Support the reporting needs of the organization by configuring automated reporting from SQL Server 7.0 database into web-based or MS Excel reports. <BR><BR>Qualifications:<BR>Should possess experience in system/database design and development, preferably in a SQL Server 6.5/7.0 environment. <BR><BR>http://www.mascot.com/ for more information or please send resume to: hr@mascot.com<BR><BR>Mascot Network, Inc.<BR>17 Monsignor O&#039Brien Highway<BR>Cambridge, MA 02141<BR>617 758 5000<BR>