Hello all :<BR>I am new to VBSCRIPT and thus my question is as follows<BR><BR>I have approx fourweb pages which the user will go through selecting items from a Drop Down Box. <BR><BR>These items are not all obligatory so some could be blank. and the reason these Drop down boxes are on separate pages is becuase they are populated dependant on a previous selection.<BR><BR>EG Drop down list on the First place maybe COUNTRIES. The second Drop down list will show cities in that country the user has selected.<BR><BR>On the final page i need to be able to construct a SQL statement which will be based on the the users selection and then return the results on the final page.<BR><BR>Has anyone got any pointers as to the best way to do this<BR><BR>Your Help will be greatly apprieciated.<BR><BR>please reply to <BR>nnaeem@portech.co.uk<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>