What I&#039;m trying to do is create a word document from an ASP page, which I managed to do successfully. Although the data from the ASP page gets written to the word document, I&#039;m having problems adding rows to the tables I&#039;ve created in the Word Template. I have a table with one row three columns in the Word template, what I&#039;m trying to do is display the recordset from the ASP (dynamic number of rows) into this Word table (I used a do while loop). Instead of adding rows, what it does is overwrite the data in that one row until it gets to the end of the recordset.<BR><BR>RowTemp = 1<BR>RowTemp2 = 2 <BR> do<BR><BR>Doc.Tables(1).Cell(&#060;%=RowTemp%&#062 ;,1).Range.Text = item1<BR> Doc.Tables(1).Cell(&#060;%=RowTemp2%&#062;,1).Rang e.Text = item2<BR><BR>rs.MoveNext<BR>RowTemp = RowTemp + 1<BR>RowTemp2 = RowTemp2 + 1 <BR> loop until rs.EOF