have you guys looked into Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)? Man, it&#039;s cool. JBoss has an implementation for it&#039;s Application Server. This article is an overview<BR><BR>http://www.jboss.org/products/aop/linuxmag0604<BR><BR>the next version of java (1.5) is incorporating something like .Net&#039;s Attributes, only I don&#039;t know anything about it yet (1.5 is still in beta). I know loads about .NET&#039;s attributes and how to get them, create them, use them, etc. Only, applications of them are not too apparent right away. Only when you look deep inside yourself.. heh... no, but it&#039;s not easy to find a good application for them. however, AOP is the best application for "attributes" or "metadata" i&#039;ve seen.<BR><BR>I strongly suggest reading that article and anything you can get your hands on regarding AOP (more here http://www.jboss.org/products/aop ) it&#039;s intellectually stimulating :-D<BR><BR>how&#039;s everyone doing, btw?