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Thread: Break up returned record using SQL?

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    Hi guys.<BR><BR>Wondering if you could help me.<BR><BR>Im using chillisoft to run my asp site, which is working great.<BR>However the hosts wont change the casp.cnfig property maxlongfieldlength to bigger than 64KB<BR><BR>Anything bigger than this causes the server to display <BR>ADODB.Recordset.1, 80004005, Data truncated errors. <BR><BR>I have some pretty big documents (even bigger now that i added in a WYSIWYG feature which adds in all sorts of crap lol) which i cant show.<BR><BR>Is it possible to limit the size of returned record to say 60KB or x amount of characters and then in another query get the rest of it (much like you would do with right(), Mid() etc etc)<BR><BR>So that i could get it in chunks?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default Bill Wilkinson

    Bill Wilkinson is your best bet, as he&#039;s most familiar with ChiliSoft (or SunOne or whatever it&#039;s badged as these days), but I&#039;ll take a stab and say that in these circumstances, your design sounds wrong.<BR><BR>Does your host have the SpicePack installed (giving you access to a Scripting.FileSystemObject style object)? If they do, you may be better storing the "document" on the drive and just having a reference to it in the database...<BR><BR>Craig.

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