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    I have a SQL 2000 table of logins (attendence). How do I structure the following: "SELECT login_employee, login_datetime FROM tblLogins WHERE login_datetime NOT IN (all weekdays in a certain period of time)"...<BR><BR>i.e. I want to see who was ABSENT during the week for a given period of time.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Ok Don't have time to do much on this

    But In SQL Server you have <BR>Datepart(dw, &#060;some date&#062;)<BR><BR>so if you create a table of all "Dates" for you time period<BR><BR>Then <BR>Select login_employee, timeperiod From (<BR>SELECT login_employee, login_datetime, timeperiod FROM tblLogins, Timeperiodtable where datepart(dw, timeperiod) between 2 and 6)<BR>Where login_datetime is null<BR><BR>This is completely untested!!

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