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    Our vendor app, for example, shows 5 columns with the data under each column. The database table has more than 5 columns and users want the option to display another column from that table..<BR><BR> I was thinking about having a placeholder, hold the info, then have a checkbox and when users click on that checkbox, have the data displayed...<BR><BR>Another thing they like to see is to move the columns this doable??<BR><BR>any thoughts?

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    You could put the information into a your checkbox for items...then set the datagrid column to visable (or not), depending on the checkbox.<BR><BR>Not sure about moving columns around....To start, I again, would look at a datagrid. Call each column "column1", "column2"...ect, then have a screen that lets the user choose the order of information. Then all you have to do is asign the column that the user wants to the column in the datagrid. I may have over-simplified this, but I think the concept will work.

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