Hi,<BR><BR>I have created an asp.net page using C# that retrieves the host name and IP address and throws them into a database.<BR><BR>It works on my machine at home running win2k server but when I upload it to our actual server it cannot retrieve the HostName or IP. Permissions seem to be correct on the server. Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Below is the code:<BR><BR>.<BR>.<BR>using System.Net;<BR><BR>private void btnLogin_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR> try<BR> {<BR> OleDbDataAdapter statsAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From Stats", loginConnection);<BR> OleDbCommandBuilder statsBuilder = new OleDbCommandBuilder(statsAdapter);<BR> DataTable statsTable = new DataTable();<BR><BR> statsAdapter.Fill(statsTable);<BR><BR> string strHostName;<BR> TextBox strIPAddress = new TextBox();<BR> <BR> strHostName = Dns.GetHostName();<BR> IPHostEntry ipEntry = Dns.GetHostByName(strHostName);<BR> IPAddress [] newIP = ipEntry.AddressList;<BR><BR> for (int i = 0; i &#060; newIP.Length; i++)<BR> {<BR> strIPAddress.Text += newIP[i].ToString ();<BR> }<BR><BR> lblStatus.Text = "HostName: " + strHostName + " - IPAddress: " + strIPAddress.Text;<BR><BR> DataRow NR = statsTable.NewRow();<BR> NR["HostName"] = strHostName;<BR> NR["IPAddress"] = strIPAddress.Text;<BR> NR["Visit"] = System.DateTime.Now.ToString();<BR> NR["LoginName"] = txtUsername.Text;<BR> <BR> statsTable.Rows.Add(NR);<BR> statsAdapter.Update(statsTable);<BR> }<BR><BR>