HELP!!! I am working with a large company who sends an XML HTTP request where I am suppossed to be able to extract the data, put the data into a database and send back xml in a response. <BR><BR>I can retrieve the xml, parse it out and send back the response with no problem. But, when I access the database in any way, the response does not get back to the caller. <BR><BR>These are the steps I go through.<BR><BR>1. Receive XML HTTP request. Using Javascript, I parse it out and put the data into variables. <BR><BR>2. Send the response back by taking the program out of any script to send the XML directly back to the client.<BR><BR>3. Put the data parsed out into the database.<BR><BR>I have tried this many different ways. I have put the data into the database first. It does not matter which order it is in. <BR><BR>I take out the part where I update the database and the response gets back to the calling program.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to remedy this?<BR><BR>Thanks so much.<BR><BR>Linda C.