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    Hi,<BR><BR>In one of my asp files I have a situation while editing.<BR><BR>I have hotelmaster database, which i am looping in a dropdown list(cboHotel). and then another table tariffmaster which keeps the tariffdetails(cboTariff) of the different hotels and they have primary-foreign key relationship.<BR><BR>example<BR><BR>hotel 1 is selected...<BR>then i need to have all the tariff details of the 1 in another dropdownlist.and if hotel2 is selected..then i need all the tariff details of the 2 in the tariffdetails dropdown list<BR><BR>in the edit file, i want an option so that when the user selects any of the hotel from the first dropdown list...i need all those tariff details of that particular hotel in another drop down list.<BR><BR>Its just like in hotmail opening account..when i choose anyother country other than america...then in the states, those states are reflected of that particular country.....<BR><BR>I am not sure how i handle this dynamically from the db.<BR><BR>Thanks for all your time & input<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>Jay<BR>

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    Default Check the FAQs, search this forum...

    ...and/or do a Google for "linked list boxes in ASP".<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Bill has a couple good examples on his site...<BR><BR><BR><BR>Go to the "Demo" category, and look for multiple dropdown lists...<BR>

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