ere&#039;s the query I&#039;m using:<BR>SELECT linenum,elementtext,cat,mcode,scores<BR>FROM elements<BR>INNER JOIN scores<BR>ON elements.standardid = scores.standardid<BR>WHERE scores.taskid=&#039;12&#039;<BR><BR>The resultset can return from 1 to 29 rows.<BR><BR>Here are the returned results with four elements to score:<BR>1 some text A M 0,1,2,1<BR>2 different text C 0,1,2,1<BR>3 text again M 0,1,2,1<BR>4 text text B M 0,1,2,1<BR><BR>The column &#039;scores&#039; is an array using a comma as a delimiter<BR><BR>I can bind this resultset to the datagrid without error, except <BR>I can&#039;t figure out how to break out the scores column correctly.<BR><BR>Here is how I want it to look in the datagrid:<BR>1 some text A M 0<BR>2 different text C 1<BR>3 text again M 2<BR>4 text text B M 1<BR><BR>Any suggestions? Thanks!