Hi,<BR><BR>I want to rewrite url&#039;s for specific path&#039;s not files, for instance:<BR><BR>www.mysite.com/members/membername<BR><BR>becomes<BR><BR>www.mysite.com/members.aspx?membername<BR><BR>I&#039;ve implemented an HttpModule that performs the rewrites, but I found that requests for non existent paths like the former, were causing 404&#039;s. So after a bit of research I learned that I had to add a new mapping in IIS along the lines of: .* for extension, All Verbs and point these to the aspnet_isapi.dll (while unchecking the &#039;check to see if it exists&#039; checkbox).<BR><BR>After doing this, the rewrites worked beautifully. Another problem arrose however. Now, whenever requesting normal paths like: www.mysite.com/docs (which has a default.aspx and the default document specified in IIS) causes an IIS password prompt to appear or an access denied error. <BR><BR>What have I missed?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance, -Kevin Mesiab