Problem with my messageSent script. (form to Email

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Thread: Problem with my messageSent script. (form to Email

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    Default Problem with my messageSent script. (form to Email

    I had a form and i need to process it and had the data sent to my email account. here is the script, i learn it from a book.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>theSchema=""<BR>Set cdoConfig=server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration") <BR>cdoConfig.Fields.Item(theSchema & "sendusing")=2<BR>cdoConfig.Fields.Item(theSch ema & "smtpserver")=""<BR>cdoConfig.Fields. Update<BR><BR>set cdoMessage=Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")<BR>c doMessage.Configuration=cdoConfig<BR>cdoMessage.Fr om=Request.Form("Email")<BR>cdoMessage.To=""<BR>cdoMessage.Subject="Order Form"<BR>cdoMessage.TextBody="First Name:" & Request.Form("First Name") & vbcrlf & "Last Name:" & Request.Form("Last Name") & vbcrlf & "Company Name:" & Request.Form("Company Name") <BR><BR>Set cdoMessage=Nothing<BR>Set cdoConfig=Nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>thing seems to work find, the user click submit, it will direct to messageSent.asp which display the form had been sent, but the problem is i never got the mail on my email inbox...can anyone spot the problem and let me know??? <BR><BR>thanks a lot

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    Default Is your web server set up

    to handle email? Check the out box of your email server and see if the mail is there. <BR><BR>

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