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Thread: Save before quitting application in ASP?

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    Hello! <BR><BR>I have a huge image library application and it&#039;s all done with ASP. It will have some VB components eventually plugged into it. It has lots of pop-ups to update / insert data.<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to know if it&#039;s possible that when the user shuts down the computer, if the application is still running (like one of the pop-ups is open), the user could be asked &#039;Do you want to save?&#039; Just like a document in microsoft office. However, I don&#039;t know if this is possible when using a web application?<BR><BR>Many Thanks!!! :-)

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    No, a web application doesn&#039;t have that kind of power, and it&#039;s a good thing it doesn&#039;t. I would hate to find myself in the middle of a website that doesn&#039;t let me shutdown unless I close it. The malware programs alone are bad enough. :-)

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