Read an earlier article on creating a vb6 component to consume a web service using classic asp. Would really like to be able to use same to provide much needed audit data for on a heavily used asp form I have.<BR><BR>The data is available from a local (java) web service - I simply have to pass over a code in a string, and a dollar value, and the web service returns a list of audit codes. <BR><BR>The problem I&#039;ve encountered is that the service has defined a complex data type in the wsdl to use an array to return the resulting list of codes (arrayType="xsd_string[]".<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking for direction as to how best to pursue dealing with this array - I saw one suggestion out on the web to use a local copy of the wsdl and change the arrayType to "anyType[]" which is supposed to allow me to address it as a variant data type in the component. While I&#039;m messing around with this, I thought I&#039;d do a sanity check with this posting...<BR><BR>Can anyone direct me toward the type of solution I should be researching for this - I hope to be able to do all this properly soon, but could really use a quick solution if it&#039;s available, while I&#039;m learning all this stuff.<BR><BR>Thanks for any info or advise.