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    I&#039;m not sure where to post this...Please forgive me if I&#039;ve posted it in the wrong section!<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been developing my web application under the following directory:<BR>c:documents & settings
    amedesktopappname<BR><BR>However, I&#039;ve had to set up a new windows account and develop with it instead. I&#039;m trying to get the ASP application up and running again but am running into an error that says: <BR>Path/File access error<BR>when I run my search engine. <BR>It&#039;s not a problem with the database because I can log in (the system finds the db to authenticate my credentials).<BR>However, in the search module, I do try to write to a log file.<BR>I think this is where it&#039;s dying. <BR>The asp file calls a method in my vb DLL. I&#039;ve checked the code and I&#039;m using "app.path" to create the log file.<BR>I&#039;ve verified in the vb debug window that the app.path is returning the new directory. I&#039;ve also run a test using a vb front end that calls the same vb search method. it runs fine and does create the proper log files. <BR>any ideas? <BR>Thanks.

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    Default * Reposted to IIS/PWS.

    Makes more sense over there.

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