How to pass #, %, >, <, etc, through a g

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Thread: How to pass #, %, >, <, etc, through a g

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    Noƫ Guest

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    I am trying to pass some ASP-dangerous characters through an HTML "get" request to another ASP page. When I display the data on the 2nd page, it truncates at the special charcters of % and #. Is there a function out there that converts all wonky characters to something ASP can handle, especially one with quotes, &#062;&#039s, and %-#-&&#039s? I would rather use that than have a mongo replace function. Thanks!

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    Dave2000 Guest

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    Use the REPLACE function. You use it like this:<BR><BR>REPLACE(myValue,"%","+") <BR><BR>and it will replace all the "%" in your fields to "+". Just make sure you use the REPLACE function on the page that is receiving the info.

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