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    MWatkins Guest

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    I am trying to find a compatible message board for my site. I have developed a site using Drumbeat. The message board I chose was written in PERL. I am using Nettally for hosting and they cannot support PERL scripts. As a result, I need an ASP message board. Do you know of a message board that I can download and place in my site?

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default ASP Message Board script

    are you looking for a FREE asp messageboard script or FREE hosting of a messageboard?<BR><BR>I&#039ve just finished the first version of my ASP forum which will be customizable soon for free hosting as a webmaster support tool.<BR><BR><BR><BR>It&#039s not documented yet and has a host of features to bolt on, but I may well sell it commercially, priced around the $75 mark.

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