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    Dear friends,<BR><BR>my colleague and I have been asked by our organization to develop web interfaces to enable all users in our division (only about 20) to access our databases. These are run by our IT division on MS SQL 2000. Since we have not done this before and have only basic developing skills, which courses would you recommend us to take?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve heard we need to learn ADO and from what I&#039;ve seen the ADO part course takes around 5 days and costs around 2000 dollars, whereas there is also a course for Web Applications development with either Visual Basic or C#.<BR><BR>If we take<BR>* course in Visual Basic developing Web Applications in .NET<BR>* ADO<BR>should it make us capable of developing real web applications/interfaces for our users? This would include search , grouping, etc. capabilities and basically replace our current MS ACCESS infrastructure with group files, etc.. It&#039;s a mess right now.<BR><BR>Since you guys are knowledgeable in this area I thought I&#039;d ask you, not the businesses providing courses. They may tell me anything, and I&#039;d have to believe them.<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR><BR>Roman

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    $2000? Might be cheaper to get a contractor in!<BR><BR>Go the Web Application Development one. ADO is different to ADO.NET

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