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    Well my question pertains to something I've been wondering about accomplishing for quite some time.. I have built a home-grown Session management system, there are still some problems with it, but something I have been wondering, to help make it more better performance wise is, is it possible to have the server do actions or processes without a request from a client. And if that's possible, would I have to build that into a COM? The reason I was wondering, was cause I create guid's and store them in a database to maintain a person's session without cookies, but I can see some problems with timing, where if someone hasn't done any activity for a couple days, that there probably done with there session... and I was wondering if it's possible to make a component or something, that could know every few days to check to see if some records need deleting or such to help keep the database up to date? I know the normal session object for ASP, has time limits which are calculated by the server... Is it possible or not.. I'm just wondering, thanks in advance!

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    What db? If it's SQL Server, just schedule a job to periodically run the check.

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