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    Default querystring problem

    I have another url prob...if I have this value in the querystring:<BR>dgjdsd+gjdk9; when I write it out, the + sign is removed..is there a way to retaing that + sign?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default You should have encoded it...

    ...the + sign in a querystring is converted to a space when you "unescape" the qs either directly or directly.<BR><BR>Yes, you can leave it in raw form, but not if you do<BR> something = Request.QueryString("whatever")<BR><BR>But most likely you *wanted* to send a + from the prior page, and (if so) it should have been Escape&#039;d or Server.URLEncoded. <BR><BR>Can&#039;t guess the source of the problem without more info.<BR><BR><BR>

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