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    What i have is a left frame with a bunch of options but based on the link they put they will pull different data.<BR><BR>Ex: if i have a link called hats i want to pull up all the info about hats. if I have a link called golf shirts i want to pull up all the info on golf shirts<BR><BR>I know there is something like you can use like store.asp?itemcat=hats<BR><BR>but i dont know how to get it into an sql statement if that is even possible. <BR><BR>any help would be aprecated,<BR><BR>MAtt

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    Sure!<BR>let&#039s say you&#039ve a page called showme.asp, and all your itemcat link points to this "showme.asp".<BR>in showme.asp, put the following code in<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim itemcat<BR>dim sql<BR>itemcat=request.querystring("itemcat")<BR>< BR>sql="select * from thisTable where itemcat=&#039"&itemcat&"&#039;"<BR>&#039&#039 now you&#039ve got dynamicaly built sql statement <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Hope it solves your problem.<BR>Jimmy Wang<BR>

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