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Thread: opening word doc in a browswer question.

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    Default opening word doc in a browswer question.

    Is it true that you have to have ms word installed on your computer, to have a link to a ms word doc on a server, open up in a browser?<BR><BR>Because i posted a question on the forums and was told that ms word automatically opens in a browser. But, when i try to uninstall word, it does not recognize the file.

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    Default Yes, it is true...

    ...Well, at a minimum, you need the appropriate DLLs. And if you uninstall Word, that will uninstall those DLLs, as well.<BR><BR>Note that you *can* use other programs to open .doc files. WordPad, for example. And if you have some other word processor that can translate .doc files, you could use it.<BR><BR>Now, whether those other programs will open up *in* the browser...unlikely, but possible. A program has to be a "COM embeddable" [might be wrong terminology, but idea is correct] app for the browser to be able to use it directly. <BR><BR>Word is a very very very complex program, and you can&#039;t expect a browser (especially a browser made by, say, Netscape?) to be able to emulate all its codes and operations.

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