we have a "wacky" problem. our site is jscript/asp with heavy use of tables in the design. everything looks and works fine in N3-4 & IE3-5. If you are to print a page, it works great in all IE browsers and N3. the total content is about 2 paper pages worth. If you print it from N4, it gets really strange. It prints out the same document, but now spread out over 45 to 50 pages !!! <BR>we have three vertical tables. the two on the outside are Ads and naviagtion. the first table prints fine, but the next two tables print as if we put 50 carriage returns after each item. (prints almost one sentence per page)<BR><BR>anyone heard of this, or have any idea what might be causing this. it works on other computers, so it&#039s not just out network or printers.<BR><BR>puzzled in nyc,<BR>rich