I have a USER table in my Access db, along with several other tables, some of which have a many-to-many rel w/ USER, via an intermediate "linking" table, ie. PROJECT and USER_PROJECT tables. I also have SKILL, USER_SKILL, TASK, and USER_TASK. So the setup is<BR><BR>
<BR>USER            USER_PROJECT         PROJECT<BR>---------       ------------         -------<BR>USER_ID         USER_ID              PROJ_ID<BR>USER_NAME       PROJ_ID              PROJ_DESC<BR>
<BR>Similarly for SKILL and TASK. <BR><BR>What I&#039;m trying to do is display user records on a form, with one line for each user, and ideally any projects, skills, or tasks they are associated with will appear on the same line, comma separated, like so: <BR><BR>
<BR>Name       Projects        Tasks      Skills<BR>----------------------------------------------------------<BR>Chris      Proj1, Proj2               ASP.NET, Java, C++<BR>Tina       Proj3           T1, T2     HTML<BR>
<BR><BR>Right now I have a SQL statement that, through a series of joins, gets multiple records for each user, one for each possible combination of project, task, and skill; ie it would return 6 rows for Chris in the example above. But, again, I want to display only one line for each user. <BR><BR>My question is, what is the "right" way to get and display this data, keeping in mind I might also want to edit it later? <BR>- Should I use the SQL I have, read it into a DataSet, and then iterate through the rows, merging any multiple rows into one? This would keep me from being able to edit, as I wouldn&#039;t be able to save that data back to the database. <BR>- Should I be reading all my db tables into different DataTables within my DataSet, then just working with those DataTables as I display data? Then I could make changes and accept them. But it seems I&#039;d be keeping almost my entire database in my server&#039;s memory. That doesn&#039;t sound right. <BR><BR>Thanks for any help!