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    yleungva@yahoo.com Guest

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    I&#039ve poured over all the 80004005 errors on your site and none seem to pertain to my problem or has resolved my problem. Here&#039s the issue in a nutshell. <BR><BR>I am using a form to insert and update records in a mySQL database on a UNIX box running Chilisoft ASP. My form has a scrolling-text field in which people can cut and paste long text into. The corresponding field in the database is a mediumtext field.<BR><BR>I&#039ve even stripped down the code to the bare minimum to try to isolate the problem. The following is simplified version of the ASP code I&#039m using to insert a new record:<BR><BR>Dim DB, RS, sql<BR>Set DB = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>DB.Open "DRIVER={MySQL};SERVER=mysql.test.com;DATABASE=web jobs;UID=XXXX;PWD=XXXXX"<BR><BR>sql = "INSERT INTO Applicants (Resume) VALUES (&#039" & request("resume") & "&#039)"<BR><BR>DB.execute(sql)<BR><BR>The form works FINE. However, I&#039ve come across a strange limitation, it appears when I cut approx. 2+ pages of text from my wordprocessor, I get the following error:<BR><BR>error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>/.private/testaction.asp, line 16 <BR><BR>Which completely puzzels me since line 16 points to the DB.execute(sql) line. Furthermore, this form with a few modifications works fine against our MS Access database. And using my SQL Query in mySQL client software, it accepts the SQL statement no problem with however much text. I&#039m completely stomped. I&#039ve even change the type from mediumtext to longtext which accepts million+ characters. I&#039ve also made sure my fields are in the same orders in my SQL statement including having all my MEMO fields at the very end. I&#039ve also broke MID the content to save the first 7000 characters in field1 and 7001-14000 in field2 and modified the SQL statement accordingly and still the same error at the same character limit. Am I just barking up the wrong tree? Please help!<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>yleungva@yahoo.com

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    Jimmy Wang Guest

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    First make sure your sql statement is right.<BR>try this:<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim myResume,sql<BR>myResume=request.form("resume")<BR >myResume=Replace(myResume,"&#039","&#039&#039")<B R><BR>sql="INSERT INTO Applicants (Resume) VALUES (&#039"&myResume&"&#039);"<BR>%&#062;<BR>Jimmy Wang<BR><BR>

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