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    Sorry!<BR><BR>I want to use Google Search Option on my web site. I added my URL to Google 2 weeks back ( and today i tried to get the code from google site <BR>for my web site and i am getting this error <BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>" There are no pages in our index for ""*<BR> * We cannot perform SiteSearch on this domain(s).<BR> Please remove/change the domain(s)entered, or select WebSearch only, by leaving the domain(s) field blank "<BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Is there any way that i can do this?

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    It certainly USED to be that you could expect to be Googled once every 6 weeks. That would add your information to its database. Then, it would take a further two weeks for that data to be available in their web index.<BR><BR>Now, I&#039;ve heard that they have improved that significantly. However, 8 weeks to 2 weeks seems a little too significant.<BR><BR>I would leave it a little while longer.<BR><BR>Craig.

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