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    Hey all-<BR>I am using some 3rd party controls (Infragistics - tab control) and need to access a control on the parent page.<BR><BR>The control allows me to insert a page within it. <BR><BR>Main.aspx &#060;&#060;parent page with txtOne control on it.<BR>Mud.aspx &#060;&#060;child page<BR><BR>So, from the child page I&#039;ve hacked around a bit, but nothing works....<BR><BR>Dim myTextBox as TextBox<BR><BR>myTextBox ="txtOne")<BR><BR>dim myDisplay as string = myTextBox.text.tostring<BR><BR>again, this does not work...Am I headed in the right direction at all?<BR><BR>

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    Page.FindControl(id) should find it.<BR>

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