I need to pass a querystring to another page, but to do so, it seems, I must cut off part of my actual Url:<BR><BR><BR>This is the current Url:<BR>http:myserver/Templates/Content.aspx?pid=421<BR><BR>This is what I would lIke to pass:<BR>http://myserver/Templates/BLANKPAGE.aspx?pid=421&Link=421<BR><BR>But if the "?pid=421" is present, my page simply refreshes, rather than going to my newbalnk page.<BR><BR>So I am passing this Url:<BR>http://myserver/Templates/BlankPAGE.aspx?Link=421<BR><BR>However, since I am modifying an existing program, some buttons on the BLANKPAGE do not maintain the correct querystring state.<BR><BR>Is there a way that I can pass this querystring (http://myserver/Templates/BLANKPAGE.aspx?pid=421&Link=421) without having my page refresh?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Is there another way to pass the whole querystring in ASP.NEt, so I can leave the querystring in tact?