Convert a string into a Stream Object

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Thread: Convert a string into a Stream Object

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    Default Convert a string into a Stream Object

    Very simply I need to do the following..<BR><BR>I have a string. I wish to somehow place this into a stream...<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Print out the string.

    Take the paper and carefully fold it into thirds.<BR><BR>If applicable, put clothing on that contains a pocket.<BR>If already wearing clothing, make sure the clothing contains a pocket.<BR> If not, change that piece of clothing until you&#039;re wearing something with a pocket.<BR><BR>Put the folded paper in your pocket.<BR><BR>If applicable, put on shoes.<BR><BR>If applicable, open doors to your dwelling.<BR><BR>Walk outside.<BR><BR>Close doors to your dwelling.<BR><BR>Depending on mode of transportation, walk, get in your car, take mass transit or ride a scooter to the nearest stream.<BR><BR>Walk to the shore of said stream.<BR><BR>Remove paper from pocket.<BR><BR>Drop/place paper into stream.<BR><BR>Strip out of your clothing.<BR><BR>Find an acorn.<BR><BR>Compare the size of your nipple to the acorn.<BR><BR>Or, if that&#039;s the wrong kind of stream, what type of stream are you trying to put the string into?

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    Default RE: Convert a string into a Stream Object

    I think there&#039;s an stream object. Look into that. I know there&#039;s one in VB6.

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