on second rebind?<BR><BR>This is what I have:<BR><BR>1. if not isPage.isPostback<BR> &#039;bind data to checkbox here<BR>2. I have 2 checkboxes. When CB1 is checked, I build the textbox dynamically and display the binded data in the MAIN window.<BR><BR>3. When CB2 is checked, I popup a window, display the same textbox and save data. I uncheck CB1 and the textbox on the main window.<BR><BR> so far so good <BR><BR>4. Now, I do a check to see if data was saved in the Pop-up window, if saved, I rebind data IN MAIN WINDOW , check CB1, it should display the textbox by executing the checkbox event BUT IT DOESNT! <BR><BR>wondering why checkbox event doesnt fire when I rebind the data again..I want to rebind to show the updated data in the main window...<BR>