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    It&#039;s 4:45 AM and I&#039;m driving down the highway (I-95 to those American&#039;s who know the east coast). At 4:45 AM, you don&#039;t have many people on the road:<BR> - Couple of cars<BR> - Bunch of tractor trailers<BR> - Handful of contractors in vans<BR><BR>What I want to know is, how the **** does a van find it&#039;s way to all but run into me at 80+ MPH (~130 kph)?<BR><BR>I mean, really -- it&#039;s 4 freaking lanes and light traffic.<BR><BR>At least I know my horn still works. And so did he, for about a mile&#039;s worth.<BR><BR>Well, bollucks to him.<BR><BR>Git.

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    Default RE: So, ***? 4:45 AM, my *** is asleep, whether I&#039;m at the wheel or not.

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