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    I need a few ideas...<BR><BR>I own a Car Trader website, and the way all vehicles are updated is through an inventory mangment program that exports to an ASCII file. I use this ASCII file to update their vehicles on their websites....<BR><BR>Right now, I am going to each dealer and uploading the file using a Upload component, the problem is, I am getting too many clients to have to go to all of them and do this upload... I want them to be able to upload the file themselves, but theres no way they will EVER comprehend the dialog box that is triggered with INPUT TYPE="FILE"<BR><BR>The ASCII file gets exported to a common location on most of my clients machines <BR><BR>C:BluebookKarpower.asc<BR><BR>Some are different, but I want to save the path to the ASCII file into a database. So I can grab where it is when they log into the admin to to the Import.<BR><BR>The problem is I can populate a INPUT TYPE="FILE" tag with a database value, apparently its a security measure (which is smart).<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to make it just a few clicks to grab that file, these are COMPLETLY computer illiterate people, so it has to be easy.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default I'd find an ActiveX...

    ...upload component for the browser that you *can* control by scripting and use it. Install it on each of your client&#039;s machines. If it requires a password to be passed to it by the JS code, that should be sufficient to prevent others from using it. Oh...or if the location the files are uploaded to is fixed, ditto.<BR><BR>Or just write a VB (VB.NET?) program, compile it to an executable, and tell them to use it (instead of the browser).

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