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    I really need help with this topic.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to apply a sort order to form fields in ASP? I know how it would be done in Perl/CGI (the hidden form field with an "order:field1,field2" value), but I can&#039t seem to find a similar way of doing it with ASP. <BR><BR>I have three different forms submitting to one asp page that is mailing out the values of the form fields. Since each form has different fields, I&#039m dumping the contents of the form collection into a string, and writing that string into the body of the email. However, the fields seem to be in no particular order -- I need to sort them. Any suggestions?

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    Using Array like<BR>&#060;%<BR>myField=array(myField1,myField2 )<BR>For i=0 to uBound(myField)<BR>do someting<BR>Next<BR>&#039&#039your determine the order of your field appearence in myField.<BR>%&#062;<BR>Hope it helps<BR>Jimmy Wang<BR><BR>

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