Hi,<BR><BR>I just recently read an article on seperating business logic and data access from presentation (multi-teired application design). I&#039;m also a little new to object oriented programming, and I&#039;m just wondering what is the proper way to do this:<BR><BR>I have a compiled dll full of classes that handle all business logic and access to stored procedures. I have a struct (UserInfo) defined in the dll to hold any info I need about the current user (username, memberName, memberType...). I need access to this data in different methods throughout my aspx script and I&#039;m wondering what the best way to gain access is:<BR><BR>I could just declare a public instance of a UserInfo in the beginning of my script so all the methods would have access to it, but does this break encapsulation?<BR><BR>I could declare a class at the beginning of script and provide a method to access the UserInfo.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any better ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Trevor