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    I have to work with an individual that wants to be able to exchange data with my system using XML. Since the system I have to work with can only run conventional ASP, Im having some issues.<BR><BR>Ive written the page that recieves XML data no problem. But the problem Im having is then sending a response back with XML data. How can I possibly SEND XML data to a client using ASP?<BR><BR>Ive tried all sorts of methods but cannot seem to find a way to do it that actually works. Suggestions?

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    Default Response.Write

    Response.Write "&#060;this&#062;&#060;is&#062;&#060;an&#062;&#060 ;xml&#062;response&#060;/xml&#062;&#060;/an&#062;&#060;/is&#062;&#060;/this&#062;"<BR><BR>Or, you can build the XML document using the MSXML2 parser and return it via:<BR>Response.Write XmlDocument.Xml<BR><BR>You also may want to set the content type to XML (before the Response.Write):<BR>Response.ContentType = "text/xml"<BR><BR>And, lastly - did you Google this?<BR>http://www.just****

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