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Thread: CGI vs. ISAPI/ASP ?

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    Mark B Guest

    Default CGI vs. ISAPI/ASP ?

    I&#039ve been a COBOL programmer for the last 15 years and was interested in Web Development. I recently took a class in CGI/PERL Scripting and was told that ISAPI/ASP was not a very good environment to develop in due to its lack of portablity. <BR>Yet I see everyone developing in it. Could someone else share their opinion?<BR><BR>Thank you

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    First, by portablity I assume that you mean it is not supported on many platforms. If that is what you meant then you a right and wrong. ASP is mainly supported by Microsoft Windows NT and IIS. But is also suported on various other platforms, with the help of a third party. It is now starting to evolve and others are recognizing ASP&#039s possiblies. It will most likely soon be very widely supported. I have even heard rumors about Sun Microsystems building it into their product line. I personaly am very fond of ASP and I try to use it often for all my on-line activities.

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    John Harvey Guest

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    ASP is becoming more portable from a server perspective. Third party support is available for other platforms (including Linux&#039s Apache web server). From a client perspective, ASP allows you to generate "pure" html that can be viewed by any browser. So from a client perspective, ASP is highly portable. I have messed with some PERL/CGI stuff, and I find the ASP to be much cleaner, and easier to maintain.<BR>-John

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    I say use the best tool for the job.<BR><BR>If you are developing for UNIX use<BR>PERL (it&#039s been in refined as opposed to asp<BR>on unix)<BR><BR>If you run IIS/NT then you should<BR>consider using ASP since it&#039s natively supported<BR>and comparable to PERL on a UNIX platform<BR>(such as OS / object integration)<BR><BR>Both are powerful. There&#039s nothing I can&#039t<BR>accomplish with PERL that can&#039t be done<BR>just as well with ASP and vice versa.<BR><BR>

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    Ian,<BR><BR>It&#039s not valid to compare Perl vs. ASP, is it?! I mean, the comparison is CGI vs. ASP. You can write a CGI in Perl and you can write an ASP in PerlScript, so you&#039re comparing a language with a protocol.<BR><BR>But I agree with your bottom line: use the best tool for the job. You can&#039t go wrong learning more than one way to do something and after using both ASP and CGI I&#039m beginning to learn which to use, and when.<BR><BR>Also, beware of bias. ASP vs. CGI arguments can get as religious as MAC vs. PC.<BR><BR><BR>Oliver

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