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Thread: opening muliple windows with different data

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    I have , for example, 10 checkboxes. When user clicks on a checkbox, I launch a new window, xxx.aspx. so far so good <BR><BR> Then when user checks another box, I want to launch the same window, xxx.aspx with the new data from checkbox2,but KEEP THE FIRST WINDOW OPEN which has the data from checkbox1.<BR><BR>---<BR>I have this which works but launches one window ONLY.<BR> Dim sScript = "&#060;script language=javascript&#062;"<BR> sScript += ";Act.aspx&#039;,null)"<BR> sScript += "&#060;/script&#062;"<BR> Page.RegisterStartupScript("blah", sScript)<BR>---<BR>I tried this as well:<BR>;Act&#039; " + + ".aspx, &#039;&#039;)<BR><BR>But that means i have to have a Actxxx.ASPX for each checkbox id.<BR><BR>--anyway to launch multiple instances of the same aspx file which contains differnt data for each checkbox??<BR>

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    this is done with pure javascript.<BR>You don&#039;t have to proscess it thru the server. just add a javascript function in you client code, like this:<BR><BR> function Open(url, winname){<BR> ,winname ,"width=450,height=300,left=100,top=10,scrollbars= no,resizable=yes");<BR> }<BR><BR>then have a Onclick envent on the checkbox like onclick="Open(url, winname)"<BR><BR>where url is like &#039;actxxx.aspx?someid=somevalue&#039;<BR>and winname (window name) is diffrent on each checkbox.<BR><BR>If you want to include more info from your form, head over to some javascript site (google it) and find out how to add that to the urls string in javascript<BR>1 get form vauel to variable someFormValue<BR>url = url + "&formvalue=" + someFormValue

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