Hi All,<BR><BR>I have created a secure section to one of the sites I am busy with. Everything works fine except for one thing...The user loggs in. a session variable is set and is checked on each page and page if it&#039;s not set he is redirected to the login screen...I then have a logoff button which loads a page which sets the session variable to and empty string...When I do this the page redirects to the logonn screen which is what I want but as soon as the user clicks on the link that shows the secure link menu, rather that redirecting it still shows the links as if the user was logged in...when I refresh the page it shows the login screen...but before such time it looks like the person has not been logged out...I have created a javascript that reloads the page once as soon as the person loggs off but this is not ideal...has anybody ever encountered something like this? Any ideas will be much appreciated!