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    I posted this question on the forum but got no answer,I hop eit is good enough to be posted on this forum.<BR>I have to load pics on the user&#039;s computer for a survey.I have like 60 pics to load.I want to load them to user&#039;s pc when he is going through the 3 page introduction. <BR>THe jscript pre loading loads all the pics and then displays the page.Thats not what I want to do...I want to keep loading pics until the user clicks on the next page and then start loading again from where it was left. <BR>Do you have any idea how to do that? <BR>thanks <BR>cengo

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    Default What about this?<BR><BR>But if not that, check the other FAQs on that site.<BR><BR>And if your JS preloading waits for all pics before displaying that page, then it&#039;s not a very good JS script you are using.<BR><BR>

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