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Thread: Send info from database through email?

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    Alright I have my database up(made with MS Access) and I can connect to it on my webpage and all that, but now what Im wondering is if its possible to be able to create a form or script or whatever that will allow a person to select certain items from that form and then email or fax that information to whomever meets those requirements filled in the form.<BR><BR>Example:<BR>i have a site that deals with home improvement, like plumbing, windows, roofing, etc. say I wanted to look through Plumbing stuff and I needed a new toilet. What I would do is select that I want plumbing(so the script will go through the table and select all with a Plumbing category.. so sort of like SELECT plumbing FROM MainTable, and then with a checkbox they will select toilet, and possibly a free form so they can add comments or give more detail about what exactly they want)?? Now the checkboxes, there will be more than one of course, example for the plumbing category would be like toilets, sinks, showers, etc. Then after they select what they wanted, Plumbing as main category so it will search the table for plumbing, then take whatever checkboxes they selected, toilets is the example and whatever they wrote in the free form and then email or fax that information to the specified email or fax number designated in the table for whatever company(which also will have its own category) meets that criteria. Is this possible, if it even makes sense to half of you cause Im not even sure it does, heh? Thanks for any help..

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    Yup this is definitely possible to do. Gonna take a little legwork on your behalf though.,, and of course all have articles that will give you the basics of going about doing something like this.

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