I have ASP.NET Community Start Kit installed locally on my PC, and works fine, but now I want to set up a new community, and the new community I created will not open in the browser. I should see a brand new communtiy site that only shows the bare community website that I can begin to add-on to. Here’s what I did, and if someone can help me.<BR><BR>1)In Hosts file located at: c:windowssystem32driversetc, I added a line below localhost for my new community. It now looks like this:<BR><BR> localhost<BR> cactusblues<BR><BR>2) In http://localhost/CommunityStarterKit/ISPAdmin I added a new community with the following:<BR><BR><BR>Community Name: cactusblues<BR>Primary Domain: cactusblues.com<BR>Community Domain: cactusblues<BR>Community Subdomain: *<BR>SMTP Server: localhost<BR>Database Quote: 10000<BR>Display: checked off<BR>Apply Sample Content: No check here<BR>Then, admin username and password added<BR><BR>Can anyone help me please?<BR>