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    Here is what I have:<BR><BR>TABLES<BR>------<BR>timecard_2003_q01 check constraint on act_date: Jan thru Mar<BR>timecard_2003_q02 check constraint on act_date: Apr thru Jun<BR>timecard_2003_q03 check constraint on act_date: Jul thru Sep<BR>timecard_2003_q04 check constraint on act_date: Oct thru Dec<BR><BR><BR>VIEW<BR>----<BR>CREATE VIEW timecard_history AS<BR>SELECT timecard_key, act_date, .... FROM timecard_2003_q01<BR>UNION ALL<BR>SELECT timecard_key, act_date, .... FROM timecard_2003_q02<BR>UNION ALL<BR>SELECT timecard_key, act_date, .... FROM timecard_2003_q03<BR>UNION ALL<BR>SELECT timecard_key, act_date, .... FROM timecard_2003_q04<BR>GO<BR><BR><BR>Now, here&#039;s the issue.<BR><BR>I am trying to run this statement:<BR>DELETE FROM timecard_history WHERE act_date = &#039;01/15/2003&#039;<BR><BR>and I am getting this error:<BR><BR>UNION ALL view &#039;timecard_history&#039; is not updatable because a partitioning column was not found.<BR><BR>Any ideas? <BR><BR>NOTE:<BR>-----<BR>The act_date is part of the PK in all the tables that the view is referencing.

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    Default Cant

    you have to delete from teh table and not the VIEW. You can delete from a view ONLY if it referneces ONE table<BR><BR>

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