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    I filled up a form, say form1 with a no. of details. Then from form1 I called another form say Form2 using Redirect command. after that I closed form2 and again redirected to Form1. I pertained all the data in form1 using session variables. But after calling from form2, the elements in the form1 like comboboxes,command buttons etc are not getting active. Kindly suggest a solution to solve the same.

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    You cant call a form with a redirect. You use get or post...<BR><BR>Sounds like you populated your session vars with form data, then when you redirected back, there was no form fields (because you redirected), so it populated the session vars with blank values...<BR>(you should be testing for a form being posted, etc...)<BR><BR>This was not an very clear question, but im sure it is not a problem for the advanced forum...<BR>asp forum, or forum if thats what your using.<BR><BR><BR>

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